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I suck at pricing so I thought I'd ask y'all what you think I should charge and/or what you'd pay and/or if you'd even bother with something like this from an online shop like Etsy.


Several large images, with descriptions )
Drawstring bag made from "Marble" yarn, about the size and depth as the hat above but in softer material.

"Mosaic" yarn again on a beanie used on the Knifty Knitter. For this one I used the next bigger loom from the rainbow beanies of the previous post, so this one is kinda big, an adult large I'd guess. It's soft and thick and warm (two-over-two) and the fabric washes well.

Blankie made of nine large granny squares. Will likely wind up cutting the edges off but I liked it at the time. I used red, white, and blue Red Heart Super Saver yarn and white super soft fuzzy yarn (it's practically all you feel!) at the same time. (Yes, Olive, this is the kind I'm sending to you, but I can get the fuzzy white yarn again so I can send you your two and still make lots more.)
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Medium Stripes
rainbow beanie medium stripes 1

Here at Etsy

Thin Stripes
rainbow beanie 1 - 5

Here at Etsy
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One's the Olive Scarf:

olive scarf jul 30 (1)

One's the base of the skirt I'm flying by the seat of my pants on:

knifty skirt 02

And the other's one I'm just starting now: a Where's Waldo-type hat for my husband, since his co-workers think he looks like Waldo from the books. :P

No pictures of that one yet, but I will once there's something worth photographing.
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Yes, I used a Knifty Knitter. I make no apologies or excuses, and it's easier, and I don't know how to do round yarn work except for crochet. Anyhow, today is Chris's this masculine enough for this to be a present? I don't have a clue what I should have gotten him but we're too broke for me to get the new kind of XBOX 360 and I'm not good at guessing which game he'd want. D:

knit hat

P.S. Eurynome, this is some of the yarn you sent, and I love it! I'm making a matching scarf now and I might even be able to make a set for myself. XD


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