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Massive List of SPN Fic Resources

Because I have too many damn tabs open, and I kept closing tabs by putting the link in a text document so I could close a tab, and that's been going on for months, and I just finished organizing all those links and I still can't tell how much of a drop in the bucket this list is because I've only been in the fandom for less than a year.

I hope this list is useful to others, even if it is compiled for my own convenience. :)

First update: 4/14/12

Second update: 5/7/12

Third update: 5/23/12

Fourth Update: 6/8/12

If it's in italics, it's new as of the most recent update.

Author Masterposts: (mostly read) (includes Drive 'verse) (nearly all J2) (SPN/Criminal Minds crossovers) (wincest, j2, crossovers) (wincest, destiel, rpf) (wincest, het, crossovers) (j2, wincest, some preseries) (het, AUs) (includes wincestiel!) (Destiel) (Wincest, Sassy) (Wincest, Destiel, Wincestiel, crossovers, gen) (mostly J2) (gen, wincest, some Jess) (mostly wincest) (gen, wincest, mostly other fandoms) (gen, Destiel) (Wincest and J2) (het, gen, some Wincest) (Wincest) (wincest, other slash, some crack) (mostly j2, some wincest) (includes Team Free Love fic) (Wincest) (lots of crack) (Wincest, Destiel, gen, other) (mostly gen and H/C) (various interesting pairings, various ratings) (mostly Destiel, some RPS) (Mostly Sam/Dean AUs where they're not brothers) (mostly Sabriel) (wincest) (mostly gen) (gen and Wincest, longer stories) (gen) (gen, Castiel-centric, adorable) (mostly Destiel) (mostly Destiel) (Destiel) (mostly J2, some Wincest, lots of J2 art) (J2 with a bit of wincest and cockles) (nearly all J2) (J2, Wincest and gen) (gen, Destiel, some Samifer, Cockles) (Destiel, het, gen, also writes Dark Angel and Stargate) (Gen, het, Wincest) (includes High Minded, mostly gen) (mostly Wincest)


Fic Tags!supernatural (wincest and other) (Destiel) (wincest)


Fic Challenge Masterposts (Secret Angels III) (Secret Angels II) (Round 3) (Round 2) (Round 1) (Dean-centric H/C) (D/C Dystopia Round One Master List) (stories that take place before or after canon) (SPN/J2 Big Bang 2007) (SPN/J2 Big Bang 2008) (SPN/J2 Big Bang 2009) (SPN/J2 Big Bang 2010) (SPN/J2 Big Bang 2011)


Rec Posts (Destiel, locked) (rentboy!Dean) (John & Dean, John/Dean, Dean whump) (Always-a-girl!Dean/Castiel) (dark Destiel/TFW) (Destiel) (Sabriel)


Fic LJs (recs by category) (shmoop specific) (wings, dragons, supernatural creatures) (no wincest or RPF) (themed Sam whump) (The Freak Camp series...honestly, this should have been on the first masterpost of masterposts!) (includes Dean/pie) (Wincest) (FPF and RPF) (multi-fandom) (paxlux's fic, locked) (gen, het, wincest) (shmoop) (SPN happyfic)


Kink/Commentfic Memes (Castiel-centric shmoop meme) (Sam-centric hurt/comfort) (Dean-centric hurt/comfort) (Destiel/Cockles kink: bonding) (Destiel/Cockles kink: genderbending) (Destiel/Cockles kink: toys) (Destiel/Cockles kink: free-for-all) (Destiel/Cockles kink: free-for-all) (Destiel/Cockles kink: sex pollen)


Tumblr (Destiel wing kink) (Destiel bdsm) (Destiel jealousy) (Destiel PWP) (Destiel genderswap) (Destiel sex pollen) (team free love) (cockles) (Destiel AU) (Destiel)


Archive Of Our Own[]=27[]=27[]=27[]=27[]=27[]=27[]=27[]=27[tags][]=27&selected_tags[tags][]=2448&language_id=&boolean_type=and&commit=Filter+Works&tag_id=Curtain+fic _SPN Curtain Fic)[]=27 (Sassy, Wincest)


Other (Wincest and Destiel and other)


Not Fic Related (THAT SOOOONG) (icons) (icons) (icons) (fanart, links to big bang fics)


ETA: Any and all suggestions for other SPN fic sources are welcome. Encouraged, even!
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Have you read any of [ profile] kelleigh's fic? If not, you should.