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SPN Reading List

I was gonna post this awhile ago, but I cut everything from the big on-this-journal post and then I copied something else before I pasted and I lost all of what was there (so in the unlikely event someone saved that page, please send me a copy!). I spent the next couple of days reading the crackiest crack I could find to get over my epic funk.

What's here is what I hadn't copied over to the old list, and stuff I've copied the links of for later reading.

Crossed-out stories just mean that I've read them. The links themselves should still be good. If not, let me know and I'll try to find one that works. (gen, epic) "Nihil Inherit" (CWRPS, AU) (gen, Sam-centric H/C, pre-series) (R) (J2 mpreg) (sequels: and (SPN/Tron fusion, J2) (SPN/The Incredibles fusion, J2) (J2 gaming AU) (Dean/Cas rock star AU, 40k words) (Dean/Cas, NCIS crossover) (gen/het, future!fic) (Criminal Minds crossover, gen, soulless Sam) (Wincest, R, case fic, beneath the streets of Manhattan) (gen, apocalypse, angel!Dean, demon!Sam) (gen, H/C, hurt!sick!Dean, 6x01 coda) (Wincest. For the prompt "stumbling along") (Gen, Teen!chesters. Dean's first kill.) (Jensen/JDM, AU) (Sam, Dean, Cas, post-7x17, gen) (Lucifer/Michael/Sam/Adam and other combinations, porn, crack) (Dean, Sam, Chuck, gen, Dean whump) (Gen, Sam called John sometimes, when he was at Stanford.) (J2 AU) (Sam/Dean, pre and post Stanford, telekinetic Sammy) "You Are The One (With Your Finger On The Gun)" (Gen, Bobby, Winchesters, Preseries) (Contretemps series, gen, Sam, Dean/OFC, recs for other fic after the series links) (Soulless Sam, Dean dealing with Lisa and Ben post-Twihard, R) (The Law of Conservation of Energy. Slight Dean/Cas, Sam, Bobby, Crowley, Balthazar, Raphael) (gen but with torture and gore) (Sam's mentally a thirteen-year-old girl and physically still played by Jared Padalecki.) (The Space Between You And Me, in which Dean leaves hunting when Sam is 14. Sam/Dean, NC-17) (Dean/Castiel not-quite-apocafic) (Dean/Cas, PG-13, BAMF!Cas, smiting) (Sam/Cas, 5x19ish) (Sam/Cas, AU, grad-student!Sam, librarian!Dean, ) (Sam/Cas/Dean, NC-17) (Sam/Cas/Dean, NC-17, post 5x14) (Sam/Cas, up to 5x13, Sam and Cas pretend to date) (Sammyverse AU AU: Jess lives verse) (Sam/Cas, implied Sam/Dean, some religious talk, NC-17) (Sam/Cas, Dean/various people in a hot tub), but totally worth re-reading (J2 PWP) (PG, weechesters, trans!Sam) (Sam/Dean, Seasons 1-7, goes AU around 7x17, non-canon werewolves) (Extraterrestrial, Sam/Dean) (JacknDean verse, SG-1/SPN/SGA. Gen, epic.) (Thanksgiving, 2005 without the YED. Though the last 10% shows how that year's Thanksgiving was really spent. Sam/Jess.) (Distracted. Wincest. John-finds-out fic. Child prostitution, abuse.) And the sequel, Focused: (J2 hookerfic) (wincest, stripper!Dean, Sam is 16) (Dean-focused H/C, 30k words) (Gemini 'verse. Gen, I think) (Dean goes to Stanford with Sam. Wincest. w00t!) (wincest, John finds out, Dean goes with Sam to Stanford, SGA crossover) (Stanford, but also gen futurefic...) (SamnDean genfic, Dean gets out of his deal but there are Issues. Good Will Hunting fusion.) (Dean/Cas, based on Latter Days) (gen, friend of Sam's from Stanford, S5)

*~ Apocafic + reunion + kroki_refur = love.

*~ They don't actually meet, but Stanford friends speculate about Sam and Dean and serial killing.

*~ Ditto to above.

*~ This actually isn't really a reunion fic, but I love it so much I'm going to slap it on here anyway. Sam and Dean's aunt searches for them.

*~ I haven't actually read this one, but it comes from the same prompt as And They Cry to See Your Face.

*~ Not reunion. Jess's mother's POV throughout that whole FBI storyline thing.

(*~ = someone else's rec and description) (gen, boys get a hunt from a Stanford classmate of Sam's) (Sam/Dean, Sam/Dean/John, Dean/OMC) (slavefic, others/Sam) (Dean/Cas, John/Mary, NaNo fic) (CM crossover. The BAU has to deal with a serial killer who believes he's hunting vampires. The UNSUB's name: Dean Winchester.) (wincest, Sam is 17, sort-of-hooker!Dean, some gunplay) (high school AU, teacher Jensen and student Jared slash, CWRPF extras) (anger management for angels) (Sam/Dean, sex for Aztec ritual) (preseries, gen. Dean's mouth and what it can't do. PG) (Sam/Dean, post 5x22, Sam holding onto his humanity via Dean, R) (Sam/Cas D/s) (Sam/Dean, Pern crossover, 112k words) (J2 non-AU, S4-beginning of S8.) (wincest D/s) (Dean/Cas, human AU) (Sassy) (John as a paper pusher in Hell) (Sam and Dean, slashy gen, sparkly crack) (Sam, Dean, the Samulet, Wincest) (human AU, Sam and Dean, serial killer AU) (established wincest, boys are not-evil!demons) (Sam and Dean trapped in a fairy ring and become the hunted) (J2, sci-fi slavefic, very dark) (J2, high school AU, Jared is an exchange student in Japan, where he meets Jensen) (J2 space opera AU) (J2 steampunk AU, WWI era) (Dean is a priest, Sam is the Anti-Christ) (gen/het, John dies. Mary, Sam and Dean live with the Harvelles) (hooker!Dean. Also a link to the fic this one was remixed from), and its sequel (wincest, pg-13 part 1, nc-17 part 2, ca. AHBL) (Firefly fusion) (AU during/post "Folsom Prison Blues" in which the boys stay in prison for awhile) (J2 college AU in which Jared does porn) sequel: (J2, mild bondage) (J2, depression-era California) (CM crossover, Becky, gen) (SG-1 crossover, John becomes part of the Stargate program, Sam and Dean stay in the hunting loop, gen) (His Dark Materials crossover, gen) (His Dark Materials crossover, Wincest, Castiel) (QAF US crossover, Sam/Brian, Sam/Dean) (Sherlock BBC fusion, John's sister and her partner are hunters) (White Collar crossover, haunted painting/smuggling ring, Neal made a crossroads deal and it's almost up, Destiel) (MLP crossover, crack, gen) (post-s3, Firefly crossover, amnesia!Dean, Dean/Mal, Dean/Mal/Sam) (Buffy crossover, Dean/Buffy) (Buffy crossover, Buffy as Winsister, Dean/Buffy) (Dexter crossover) (wincest, AHBL coda) (Wincest, post-AHBL Dean doesn't tell Sam about the deal) (AHBL coda, Wincest) (AHBL coda, Wincest, PG13) and (AHBL codas, gen, Sam POV then Dean POV) (SGA crossover, gen, non-hunting AU) (gen, SamnDean, casefic) (gen, SamnDean, casefic, dream/nightmare-walking) (Die Hard 4 crossover, McClane/Matt, Sam/Dean) (SG-1 crossover, gen, "Changing Channels") (Dean/Gabriel, 14k) (SPN/DA/Firefly) (Sam/Ruby2.0, post-S3) (How to Train Your Dragon fusion, wincest, Sam-Ruby friendship) (Destiel, slavefic) (J2 AU, shmoop, scientist!Jared) (implied wincest, return of Michael from the shtriga episode) (Dean/Michael from the shtriga episode [who is graduated from high school at this point], searching for Sam) (Sam and Dean, gen, group therapy, S6ish) (J2, shattered Jensen, therapy, 163k words) (SamnDean, post "Asylum." The gun Dean gives Sam is loaded, and Dean winds up in a coma.) (CM crossover, gen) ("Asylum" reversal where Dean is the one possessed) (gen, S3, protective!Sam) (Sam gets super mad in defense of Dean) (Numinous verse, Gabriel/Dean, 66k) (Poison Devil, Gabriel/Dean, 30k, evilish!Gabriel) (Bright Size Life, Gabriel/Dean Smith, "It's a Terrible Life" and "Changing Channels" spoilers, human AU) (Little Brother Do You Hear Me, Castiel/Gabriel, stepbrothers, human AU) (Gabriel/Dean, college!AU, 1.8k) (Michael/Gabriel, 1.5k) (In my mind, in my soul. Gabriel/Dean, one-sided Godstiel/Gabriel, written before S7)

{ (1k), (Sabriel, Destiel, 6.3k)} (gen, Sam, hurt!Dean, 3.2k) (wincest, very dark) (Destiel, angst, humor, romance, goes Au around 7x02, 33k) (Destiel, goes AU around 7x02, 8.3k) (always-a-girl!Dean/Castiel, NC-17, spoilers through mid-s5, 3.5k) (Jensen/Jared, Jensen is a strippe rand Jared is a bouncer who's working on his degree) (J2, werewolves, non-con, 12k) (J2, 13yo Jared, AU, 17k) (J2, priest!Jared, child prostitute!Jensen, 41k) (altered-into-cat-like!Jensen/Jared, 16k) (slavefic, unromantic Jensen/Richard, Jensen/OMC, Richard/OMC, actors of angels on Show, religious justification for slavery, underage, non-con, 11.6k) (young Omega Jensen trains to take his Alpha's knot. J2, 35.5k) (J2, Jensen/Harley, lots of kinks, dubcon, 28k) (weecest, Dean/transgirl!Sam, body issues and modification, shmoop, domestic, angst) (underage slavefic, Dean/OC, non-con, brainwashing, other abuse, 28.5k) (post-5x03, BDSM, non/dub-con, Sam/Lucifer, 21k) (adult!werewolf!Jared/13-year-old!Jensen, 22k) (original male dogs/15-16yo!Jared, manipulative!adult!Jensen, 20k) (adult!werewolf!Jared/younger!Jensen, dubcon, kinks, 13.7k) and (Crowley brainwashes Jensen into his sex slave, Sam and almost-human Cas track Dean down at Crowley's mansion. Cas wants to destory Crowley for touching what's his, Crowley decides he wants to break Cas and make him his pet too, 10.3k second part) (John/stepdaughter!always-a-girl!Dean, Mary was killed in '81 so no Sam, Deanna goes into heat at 14, 15k) (Dean/Gabriel, light dubcon, spoilers through S6, 12.3k) (Sam/Dean, AU where Sam "died" when Dean was nine and they meet again 16 years later and Sam is thought to be the Antichrist. 60k) (Dean/Cas, post-S6, 30.5k) (Dean/Cas, weird twist on slavefic, 16.7k) (Dean/Cas. When Castiel's offered a senior position in the Heavenly Host, he decides that before he commits himself he'd better take that holiday on Earth he's always wanted. So he does, and he meets Dean. Inspired by the movie Coming to America. 15k) (Dean/Cas. It's the same old story: boy meets space alien, boy sleeps with space alien, boy's brother is mortified.. 9k) (The Doors of Time, J2. Always worth a reread. ~200k.) (J2 AU of The Bourne Identity, 137k) (AU, horror, h/c, Dean/Cas, allusions to rape, Dean is an FBI agent who's been trying to take down a crime lord named Alistair for his whole career, and, naturally, things go spectacularly haywire when his cover is blown.)