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I suck at pricing so I thought I'd ask y'all what you think I should charge and/or what you'd pay and/or if you'd even bother with something like this from an online shop like Etsy.


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Drawstring bag made from "Marble" yarn, about the size and depth as the hat above but in softer material.

"Mosaic" yarn again on a beanie used on the Knifty Knitter. For this one I used the next bigger loom from the rainbow beanies of the previous post, so this one is kinda big, an adult large I'd guess. It's soft and thick and warm (two-over-two) and the fabric washes well.

Blankie made of nine large granny squares. Will likely wind up cutting the edges off but I liked it at the time. I used red, white, and blue Red Heart Super Saver yarn and white super soft fuzzy yarn (it's practically all you feel!) at the same time. (Yes, Olive, this is the kind I'm sending to you, but I can get the fuzzy white yarn again so I can send you your two and still make lots more.)
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And I'd love to send her money, but this month has to be all about saving up for the move.

Hopefully once we get to New York and I've built up more stock of crafts (crochet and knit things, giant-scale "bead" work, jar candles using Frappucino bottles, etc.), I can save for a stall at a craft fair, or at the PX during the holiday season. It's nice to know that sites like are out there to help fund creative enterprises like Tiffany's, and someday mine. :)
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That would be the hat from the other day. I used leftover Lion Brand Hometown USA yarn from the Fizzy Blanket (aka Blankiezilla) (well, the blue isn't but the rest is)...and it came out just a bit too big. ;)
The hat:
silly hat
And me wearing the silly hat. On the bright side, it's really warm, and the extra size means I can have a ponytail or messy-bun and I don't have to redo my hair (in addition to thermals, jeans, etc., that it takes to go outside when you're a Floridian in a place where it snows) just to go outside.
And since most of the yarn comes from Blankiezilla, it's like having a little bit of Fizzy with me. *is a tooootal sap*

me in silly hat

Cross-posted to The Experimental Hooker, my crochet/knitting/crafting blog.
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This is a short bit I made before going whole-hog just to make sure I could do it. It takes more strength than using regular yarn, and I'd have to rest my hands more often, but it's totally do-able. :D

crochet plastic 01

And this is how it starts: cut up strips of plastic bags (these are from Wally World, I'll do balls of every color I have--the green Barnes & Noble bags should make nice accents), twist them, knot them. I didn't cut off the extra "yarn" because I thought it'd be a nice accent for...whatever I wind up making.

crochet plastic 02

I'm also making this hat that I found via Ravelry, out of yarn left over from Fizzy's Blankiezilla and from yarn of the same kind (Lion Brand Hometown USA, and there are more colors now! Go out and buy it and make Lion Brand keep stocking it! If you crochet you'll need a K hook. That's usually the gray plastic one.) from another project that never really got started.

I haven't done more on the Book Paring Down Of Doom since my last post, but I do intend to finish it. But even if I keep everything that's currently left, I'll still have made a huge dent. :)

ETA: You can see the Waldo Hat in the corner of that second pic!
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One's the Olive Scarf:

olive scarf jul 30 (1)

One's the base of the skirt I'm flying by the seat of my pants on:

knifty skirt 02

And the other's one I'm just starting now: a Where's Waldo-type hat for my husband, since his co-workers think he looks like Waldo from the books. :P

No pictures of that one yet, but I will once there's something worth photographing.
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Hi, I'm going door to door educating Christians about evolution

We have charts & graphs to back us up so fuck off

Imagine how much of a stimulus package it would be if rich people paid taxes

P.S. Have I mentioned my crochet blog, The Experimental Hooker? And do you think I should change the name before anyone else sees it? :P
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It'll come out to about 25" high by 72" long. I went online to get the dimensions of a basic stole and I did one square because I wanted to do the measuring correctly this time (not making the mistake that led to Blankiezilla, yanno!), and did the math, and that's how it came out so, yay. :)
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They're here!

Here's what they look like:

fuzzy blue and green hairties
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It's a bit more...three-dimensional and monochromatic than others I saw on Ravelry (where I learned the word), and it kinda looks like a 3-D model of a wormhole at the moment. I might add ruffles in yarns that I only have a bit left in and don't really have other use for...which is maybe the point of scrumbles? That and experimenting, I guess.

They're lots of fun, though. I think I'll make a spiral hat and do ruffles down one of the spiral colors. It'll look ridiculous but I'm sure someone out there would wear it. :P
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Hai all. I'm still trying to have a business from home, selling crafts at my Etsy shop. I'm gonna keep the old shop since it's already got good feedback on it, and add these:

fuzzy blue and green hairties

three more )

So, my question to you, my friends and anyone else who feels like putting their two cents in...

1. Do you think you or someone you know would like one of these?
2. How much do you think would be a good price?
3. Which do you like best and why?


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