I'm back!

5/9/10 00:24
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...to let you know I can really shake 'em down...

It was more of a minimal-internet week than a no-internet one. I got all the book notes I can find posted at simone-jester.next-crisis.org, which means everything that's typed up except the Star Trek books...which I seem to have lost. I can't even find hard copies. That's rather devastating. If the Great Internet Archive doesn't have 'em,...I'm SOL.

I had my old email account open to see what was going on with the FRG (since I haven't given them my new email address), and managed to make it to the most recent FRG meeting with only minimal lateness. I've also been spending the weekend on FarmVille because I heard it was Double Mastery Weekend and...well, because I'm a giant dork and that's just who I am. ;P

And now I have 124 emails to look at (most of them from fanlistings; another thing I started doing for the website) and too many tweets to ever catch up with...not to mention that now I'm even further behind on my LJ flist...so I guess I'd better get to it!
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Just for a week.

No news except for Keith and Rachel (and possibly BBCA but I haven't decided yet), and no internet except what I can access from my phone.

I'm gonna be up during the day so I can get stuff done. I'm gonna clean, I'm gonna organize, and I'm gonna work on projects that have been piling up for awhile. About half of the projects over at The Experimental Hooker are at the beginning or in the middle and I expect myself to complete at least two.

See y'all on Sunday, and if there's something you want me to see immediately, email me at simonejester@gmail.com or you can reach me at Twitter as @simonejester (because I have a Twitter app on my Blackberry).


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