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A hashtag on Twitter following the Shirley Sherrod Speech That Breitbart Selectively Edited fiasco. Highlights:

  • @pzmyers "Dracula" is about discrimination against wealthy white conservatives. Van Helsing is a liberal bigot.

  • @GarlandGrey Minority Report is a referendum on whistleblowers.

  • @pzmyers "Dracula" is about discrimination against wealthy white conservatives. Van Helsing is a liberal bigot

  • @Zagrobelny Bambi is a sad tale of Heartland America and the evil environmentalists who want to take away their guns.

  • @AmandaMarcotte "ET" demonstrates the necessity of a harsh government response to illegal immigration.

  • @Paul_Conrad Star Wars is about an evil empire, run by a black man, that won't help white farmers

  • @AmandaMarcotte "The Stepford Wives" shows why feminism is dangerous for women.

  • @AmandaMarcotte "Milk" illustrates why gays should stay out of politics. Hat tip, Mighty Ponygirl.

  • @pzmyers: "To Kill a Mockingbird" is about corrupt lawyers fomenting racial unrest. Fire Atticus!

  • @Paul_Conrad WALL-E is evidence cap and trade environmental legislation is unnecessary

  • @aphalloides: "The Color Purple" is about how easy farm life is for black farmers with subsidies

  • @AmandaMarcotte "Brokeback Mountain" is about how gay men aren't to be trusted.

  • @bschefke "Wall Street" demonstrates how unregulated capitalism creates a rising tide that lifts all boats.

  • @AmandaMarcotte "The Accused" is a morality tale about the dangers of false rape accusations.

  • @johnpoulos Star Wars: Power-hungry anarchists terrorize government installations

  • @ZandarVTS The Matrix: A fascinating documentary of Tea Party revolution against FEMA fascism.

  • @livinginthepost "Frost v. Nixon" chronicles elitist celebrity felled by his own hubris.

  • @AmandaMarcotte "Dr. Strangelove" glorifies the nuclear arms race.

  • @Paul_Conrad Precious is about how black people easily succeed only because they're black

  • @bob_calder Ghandi: The futility of not being British

  • @_vexy "Finding Nemo" is a story about how environmentalism and ocean conservation destroys family values.

  • @GarlandGrey Could anyone see "Titanic" as anything but a warning to women not to upend the social order?

  • @glengarry "The New World" was about the redemption of the Savage Red Man via Capitalism and Christ

  • @pzmyers "Citizen Kane" is "It's a Wonderful Life" for Republicans.

  • @GarlandGrey "Harry Potter" clearly shows the sorts of trouble you get in by putting a gay man in charge of anything.

  • @_vexy "Glory" is a true story about how blacks can only succeed under white direction.

  • @pzmyers "Koyaanisqatsi" is the new commercial for BP.

  • @erinpuff Leverage is about all the awesome stuff rich white guys can get away with because they're rich white guys.

  • @arensb "Monsters, Inc." is an allegory for the Islamofascist terrorists under our beds.

  • @GarlandGrey "Norma Rae" is about a uppity woman who thinks she can just stand on anything she wants


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