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Fucking Alaska Mutant Head Cold of Doom! So far all I really have is a sore throat and a constant tired feeling, yet I managed to get two loads of laundry folded and a third is now in the dryer. And...I still have to unload and reload the dishwasher, and pay bills, and *snork* whuh?

I feel full and hungry at the same time and my meds feel worse than usual to take, but I did take them anyway *mind wanders, comes back* and I only got up about half an hour before the live airing of Countdown so I've only been up four hours so I can't go to bed yet...but it's okay to sleep all day if you're sick, right? I'm not sick enough that if I were a child, my mom would let me stay home from school, but I do feel rather butt-like.

For now, flist and FarmVille. And crochet. And probably a nap on the couch once Chris goes to bed.

I can has WAGONS EAST! nao? *whines*
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And that's after deciding to go down to a third instead of a quarter.

I've exempted a few things: Star Trek books, Stargate books, military and paralegal books...and I think that's it. I've set aside a few as belonging to Chris, since I don't want them but Chris probably would.

Each bookcase if five shelves. Of what I've been going through, there were four full five-shelf bookcases and then some extra in a closet. As of now, eight shelves are empty. I'm proud of myself, yet I'm kind of mourning for my pre-army-wife "she who dies with the most books wins" mindset.

I've got four more shelves' worth of books to go through, and it's getting harder and harder to find books I'm willing to part with. I'd already gone down to keep-one-box-two...maybe for the rest I've earned keep-one-box-one?

Or am I chickening out?
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But I've been watching Clean House for the past few hours, and I've thought (actually, for months) about what kinds of deals I'd make if they came to my place. One would be getting a Special Niecy Gift if I got rid of a quarter of my books.

And since we'll apparently never live near Los Angeles, and we'll never have The Messiest Home In The Country (you have to own a big ol' house for that :P), I've decided to do the book part on my own.

Surprisingly, it's not bothering me. Most of what I'm getting rid of I either likely won't get around to reading in the next ten years, or it's something I want to get a nice hardcover of later anyway.

The comic books/graphic novels won't count in this, since those are Chris's too, but I'm gonna pare down and set aside the rest of the books for selling at next spring's garage sales. (After the third garage sale, whatever doesn't sell goes to Goodwill or the ASYMCA. That's one of my Rules.)

I've just started, so hopefully I can actually put three books in a box for every one that stays on the shelf...wish me luck!


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