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So...yeah, I'm still around. Online, I'm mostly at Archive of Our Own (orbitaldiamonds), Twitter (simonejester), and Tumblr (krepta-starchild and others).

I got the data entry job in Olrando, so now I'm Walgreens corporate instead of Walgreens retail. I lived with family in T-ville until I could afford my own place and since the end of November I've had a little apartment in Orlando. It's 45 minutes from work, but it was the best I could afford at the time. When all the colleges let out I'll check out apartment prices again and look for better neighborhoods that are closer to work.

I keep meaning to get back into LJ and DW, but if I do manage it, it won't be until sometime in March at the earliest. It's been overtime season at work (which I love! After having my hours cut drastically at the store, I consider the opportunity for overtime--which is strictly voluntary--a privilege!) and I've been working 60 hour weeks since December. I really should be doing housework on my one off-day (to be fair, I did do dishes and clean out my refigerator), but most of it's stuff that can wait until overtime season is over and the stuff that isn't (cleaning the bathroom, grocery shopping) can be done later. Besides, I have a fair amount of stuff to sort out online. I'm going through my email and deleting a lot of crap that should have been deleting years ago, and I'm considering creating a new email account and just using the old one (well, ones) for junk mail and archiving chats with Fizzy and others.

Hope y'all are well, if there's anyone still following this DW and the LJ it crossposts to. I'd say Happy New Year, but it's freaking February and it's too late for that. :P

P.S. I've been following the political news all along like the glutton for punishment I am. Semi-seriously considering learning Swedish and emigrating.
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By "technically" I mean that I'm legally married, but I left Chris in August and have considered myself single since then.

It's still weird, though.

I should go to the nearest military installation (Patrick AFB near Tampa) and see if, since Chris is National Guard, I can get a divorce through JAG. I'm sick of being still technically married and I really want to go back to my maiden name.

Also I'm going to the St. Pete Pride Parade on the 27th so if anyone who knows me here is gonna be there, let me know. It'd be awesome to meet an online friend in person.
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If I should leave this land and not return,
The colors of its tropic dawns would burn
Behind my eyelids like an opal's flames,
And I would hear the music of the names
That Indians gave to rivers, lakes, and streams
Like tom-toms pulsing. Sometimes in my dreams
I'd seek a certain secret jungle place
Where orchids, tangled in the jungle lace,
Are like bright swirls of vivid butterflies.
I'd hear the tropic night alive with cries
Of birds and prowling creatures of the dark.
I'd see jeweled lizards racing on the bark
Of ancient trees gray-veiled with Spanish moss.
I'd see the sun reflecting the golden gloss
Of citrus groves and sense the rich perfume
That scents the silver of the moons that loom
Above this savage land. A thousand scenes
Would crowd my memory-book...the living greens
Of forest and the changing blues of seas.
A tapestry of treasured memories.
One picture, more than all, would seem to hold
This land's great soul enframed in tawny gold,
A picture that will ever haunt my eyes...
Wrought-iron trees against stained-glass skies.

--Don Blanding, Floridays


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