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Don't forget to read the tags and warnings!

Torquay Arms
Waiting for Chapter 24

Fire and Ice series
Waiting for Part 8

Mystrade: A Study in Tea
Waiting for chapter 19 of 20

because I love you)last night
Waiting for chapter 15

The Last Place You'd Look (or
Waiting for chapter 25 (or 33)

Give Me A Label (I'll Make Confetti)
Waiting for Chapter 81

This Time (You'll Stay Right Beside Me
Waiting for chapter 3

Waiting for chapter 24

Moving in a Still Frame
Waiting for chapter 8

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ETA: Many of these fics have some heavy trigger warnings. Please check those out first before diving into a fic!

The Soul Piece
waiting for chapter 38

A Monster by Any Other Name: Part Two
waiting for chapter 22

Star Catcher
waiting for chapter 8 9 10 11 of 16 (This verse just gets adorabler and adorabler!)

World's Forgotten Boys
waiting for chapter 27

The Innocent
Waiting for chapter 16

We Found Love (In A Hopeless Place)
Waiting for chapter 10 of 14 of part 1

Faithless You, Selfish Me
Waiting for chapter 9

Don't Think We're In Kansas
Waiting for chapter 12
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Well, if you're into AUs and respectful, consensual BDSM. (And maybe if you're a fan of Xanthe's other fics?)

And after you've read The First Collar.

And if you haven't already devoured the whole 'verse already, of course. :)

Anyhow, here's an excerpt from Hiding in Plain Sight... (link goes to the author's notes but the bottom of each page provides a link to the next part, and this excerpt is from part one)

DiNozzo turned around, and glanced at John with an assessing look as they went. He looked him up and down, and then his face broke into what John could only describe as a leer, and he gave him a wink. There was a sharp tug on his leash and he muttered a, “yes boss, coming boss,” before running slightly to catch up with the others.

Now it was Rodney’s turn to growl, and the gently stroking hand on John’s ass turned into a prod.

“I’m not looking,” John protested.

“You think he’s cute though, right?” Rodney pressed.

“Yeah, but *trouble*,” John snorted.

“You *like* trouble,” Rodney protested.

“Yes I do – and I have more than enough of it on my hands, thank you very much,” John replied, yanking Rodney’s leash slightly and pulling him in for a quick kiss. “It’s not as if you didn’t go all weak-kneed when you saw Gibbs anyway.”

“If I went weak-kneed it was simply from lack of oxygen because my top was strangling me with my own leash,” Rodney complained.

“So you didn’t happen to notice that we have an uber-top in our midst?” John asked.

Rodney’s eyes widened with feigned surprise. “Who? Gibbs?” he asked innocently. John slapped his ass for that and Rodney laughed and stole another kiss from him. “Seriously, you’re not really jealous are you?” Rodney asked.

John thought about it for a moment. “No,” he said finally. “Just…that guy is unsettling.”

“I think he’s supposed to be,” Rodney said. “But you know me – I’ve never been a fan of that kind of top. All strict rules and leash etiquette – bores me rigid. I much prefer what I’ve got.”

“Which is?” John raised an eyebrow, and they started walking back to their quarters.

“Well, you know, someone laid-back and a bit more casual.”

“You mean lax,” John said.

“No, I mean casual. I’m far too brilliant to be confined by a set of rigid rules,” Rodney said proudly. “You give me room to breathe.”

“And for that – I think a spanking is due,” John told him.

“What?” Rodney’s blue eyes were aghast, but John didn’t miss the little flash of hopeful anticipation in them either. Rodney would go to hell and back to escape a real punishment but when John talked about this kind of spanking they both knew it was for pleasure.

“Yeah…just to remind you that I could impose some more rules, *if* I really wanted to,” John replied.

“And *if* you could be bothered to enforce them,” Rodney muttered.

“And for *that*, I’m gonna get out my clamps,” John said.

“Oh shit,” Rodney sighed, but the sound was swallowed by John swinging him close and kissing him hard until his body melted against that of his top, utterly submissive and compliant, which was just how John wanted him.

...and now to go inform the author that I just quoted a huge chunk of his fic... :)


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