simonejester: danbo and an xbox360 controller (Default)
simonejester ([personal profile] simonejester) wrote2010-12-08 01:03 am

Spacey of the Overflow.

I wrote her out a letter which I had, for want of better
Knowledge, sent off to Alaska Where I thought it ought to go
She'd grown crafty since I knew her, fond of yarn, so it went to her
Just for fun, addressed as follows, "Spacey of the Overflow"

My answer came directed, as I confess I expected
Though the picture somewhat shocked me - piles of yarn stacked up the wall!
I knew that she must be there, but I found it hard to see there
No matter where I looked, the yarn pile hid her all...

--[ profile] only_the_trying, based on Clancy of the Overflow :)

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