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simonejester ([personal profile] simonejester) wrote2015-06-15 10:12 pm
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Yesterday was technically my eighth anniversary.

By "technically" I mean that I'm legally married, but I left Chris in August and have considered myself single since then.

It's still weird, though.

I should go to the nearest military installation (Patrick AFB near Tampa) and see if, since Chris is National Guard, I can get a divorce through JAG. I'm sick of being still technically married and I really want to go back to my maiden name.

Also I'm going to the St. Pete Pride Parade on the 27th so if anyone who knows me here is gonna be there, let me know. It'd be awesome to meet an online friend in person.
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[personal profile] amadi 2015-06-19 06:00 am (UTC)(link)
Since you have no kids and presumably no assets to split, and weren't married the 10 years you'd need to have a claim on any military retirement benefits down the line, you could probably file for yourself. Especially if you don't expect him to do anything other than sign off.