simonejester: danbo and an xbox360 controller (Default)
simonejester ([personal profile] simonejester) wrote2015-03-31 12:36 am

Been drinking Redd's Wicked Ale and reading WTNV tweets on Tumblr.

(WNTV = Welcome To Night Vale. It's a free podcast. I highly recommend it.)

Now I want to cross-stitch the best ones and make an awesome quilt (that would take a year or so to make). Everyone would want it but after taking that long to make it I don't think I'd be able to sell it.

Also my brother and sister-in-law's baby was born on the 22nd and her name is Isabella. The other day my brother sent this text:

Laying here with my daughter on my chest sleeping and thinking how beautiful she is and how blessed and happy I am.... then she let's[sic] out a huge fart..... definitely my daughter

Yep, definitely my little brother's kid. :P

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